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Mak was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Canada at the age of 7. Her passion for homes came from many years of living around the world with her family. From living in Canada, the US and Australia, she’s had first hand experience to the challenges of moving, finding the perfect home and settling in a new environment. After finally settling in Airdrie, Alberta she has worked diligently to become an active member of the community and give back to the place she now calls home. 

Mak graduated with a BBA in Management and Marketing from the University of Toronto and has worked in sales and business development for the last few years. 

Her dedication to her clients and drive to get them the results they need has gained her loyalty and long lasting relationships across her career. 

Mak enjoys working with a diverse group of buyers and sellers and strives to ensure that they are comfortable and confident throughout their home searches or listing processes. With care and attention shown to each individual’s needs, she has their back 100% of the way.

Her passion goes beyond guiding clients when it comes to a home sale or purchase.  She recognizes the struggle of many young and new buyers who desire to eventually buy a home, but don’t know where to start. Seeing everybody win is her primary motivation for going into real estate and has led her to create tailored challenges to help future buyers reach their savings goals. Mak is committed to empowering buyers to take steps towards becoming a homeowner and reaching their financial goals!

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